FINAL_Fr27As an Indigo child, Melissa experienced her gifts early in life. She has the ability to connect with higher realms, see spirits, receive messages, and can even have an awareness of future events. Her first encounter with spirits happened at about the age of 7. As a child, she didn’t know what to do with her gifts. As with many children who have a window to the other side, the experiences were pretty scary to her. Through study and personal experience, Melissa developed her abilities over the years and now helps others with intuitive readings for relationships, money/careers, health and more, mediumship readings for those who want to dialogue with a loved one who has crossed over, pet readings and law enforcement assistance. She is also a certified Life Coach specializing in Relationships, Life Path & Business.

Melissa is part of a wonderful team of elite intuitive advisors and worldwide lightworkers on 12Listen.com. Mediumship and Intuitive readings are now available through this very special website, founded by Hay House author and radio host, Mark Husson. 12Listen.com is the foremost psychic service world-wide; the one to trust. All advisors are carefully screened and assessed to verify their credentials, authenticity and commitment to their clients. Melissa is honored to be among them. Check out Melissa’s profile as well as the profiles of other team members at 12Listen.com

In addition to doing life-changing readings on 12Listen.com, Melissa has developed classes on developing intuition and mediumship and has been working with students all over the country. Visit 12Academy.com for more information on Melissa’s class offerings as well as her own local classes too.

Melissa is also the author of Spirit Cards For Indigo Kids, 22 beautifully illustrated cards with a 34 page booklet designed to walk you through each card meaning. The Spirit Cards guidebook is easy to use, fun, and filled with wisdom! “Spirit Cards for Indigo Kids are a great learning tool for children, as well as creative, intuitive, and most of all, fun! I highly recommend these magical cards for children of all ages.” – John Holland Psychic. Melissa also donates her time to Find Me, an organization dedicated to working with law enforcement to locate missing people.