FINAL_Fr33At age seven, Melissa remembers being awakened in the middle of the night by loud noises coming down the hall. Frightened, she got up to run to her grandfather for comfort, only to find a strange man walking towards her. Completely petrified, she couldn’t move, much less yell for help. Frozen right where she stood, the shadowy man kept walking towards her then suddenly passed right through her! Finally able to move, she bolted to her bedroom and hid under the covers until she eventually woke in the morning. Still frightened while re-telling her eerie story to her grandfather at the breakfast table, she learned that a neighbor-man had passed in the middle of the night! She has been completely fascinated with the paranormal ever since, making it her life’s work.

A natural-born medium and intuitive, Melissa has had many encounters with the unknown. Ever since she can remember, she’s been able to interact with people long since gone, strangely knows about people she has never met and knows when things will happen. For the last several years, Melissa has made it her mission to reach out to those who’ve had similar experiences and to teach those who are ready to open and connect with their gifts. Today, Melissa is a top, sought-after Psychic Medium who helps: families with strange haunting and energies in their homes; people find their missing loved-ones; the living connect with loved-ones who have passed; and, solve “dead-end” crimes. Melissa has many profound true-life experiences that she shares that will absolutely chill you to your bones… Don’t miss her radio show The Melissa Frei Show; you never know who – or what – will decide to pop-in!

Each week on Keeping It Real , Melissa will bring you cutting edge information in areas of the metaphysical such as the afterlife, spirits, ghosts and more! Melissa will chat with her special guests from all corners of the world who are truly the best in their field of the psychic arts. Created especially to help bring clarity, understanding and truth about the afterlife and the unexplained in our physical reality, the show is a must! You don’t want to miss a single episode; you never know who or what will appear!

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