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Melissa is Awesome in her approach to support others! She is compassionate and always positive! I Love Her! - Lacey Jackson
I called Melissa in a panic right after taking my dog to the vet. She said she was fine, would be slow in the AM and pick up as the day goes on. She was right, she is still lethargic but seems to be doing OK. Hoping each day she gets better. Melissa saw and felt exactly what was going on. And said she will be OK in time. What a God sent to have her available so late last night to comfort and guide me. Helped me to cope with this situation. If you need direction and need answers, this is the real deal. Thank you so much for taking the time for me last night. We all appreciated your word of support and comfort. - Mary
Melissa is a pioneer. She's constantly coming up with new area to explore in terms of spirituality and healing. Her work is powerful and I imagine it will continue to take on more depth and meaning in these times of intense change. Connect with her! You'll come away knowing more about who you are and how to navigate the terrain of your life. - Julia Stonestreet Smith
I have had both the honor and pleasure of being a guest on Melissa's Radio Show, as well as getting to know her on a professional and personal basis. I highly recommend her as a Professional Psychic and Medium. She uses her gifts to help others through giving accurate information and love, to guide them on their spiritual path. - Pamela Nine
Not only is Melissa one of the most gifted and multi-talented psychics I've met, she is always generous, compassionate, and humorous. She has a way of immediately getting to the heart of the matter and assisting others through guidance and empowerment. --From Animal Communicating to Psychomotrey; She is one of the very best. A chance to get a reading with Melissa is not to be missed. - Tatiela Laake
Melissa's readings are truly amazing. She validated what had happened in my life and put my future in clear perspective. thank you! - Julie
I highly recommend Melissa as Psychic/Medium/Intuitive and as a fabulous Radio show host, her energy and love for others is obvious, her compassion is ever-reaching and she makes a positive difference in this world. We need more Melissa's! - Jennifer Wallens
Melissa is a wonderful teacher and Intuitive! She is knowledgeable, and always willing to assist in any way she can. Melissa is innovative with her work. She brings new things to her students and followers to learn. Melissa is very gifted in all that she does. I strongly recommend her services. She is positive, kind, and understanding. I am so thankful for all that she shares with us! - Shanika
I have called Melissa for well over a year and continue to be amazed at her gift. She told me that a person was coming into my and he did. She has told me that money was coming in and it did. She has told me that I would end a job at a certain time and she was right. She is an amazingly, insightful advisor that I highly recommend. - Christine
Listen, Melissa picked up on my situation as soon as we got on the phone. With my current situation she gave me the tools necessary on how to handle things from this point on which is critical to my situation (I'm just starting to see that). Also, I have to mention this because she has been so accurate on the timing of things in our conversation. One of them being, GET THIS - Melissa predicted I would have money coming in right down to the EXACT DATE! Yes it has happened and I am still shocked. Just shocked. Because I didn't believe her. I laughed because I was like "where was it going to come from???" She is utterly amazing. Wanted to let you know about that one girl! =) So to simply stumble across this advisor was a big bag of blessings because I obviously had no idea how EXTRAORDINARY HER GIFTS were gonna be. Sometimes you have to take a risk just like I did or you will never know what you're missing. Call this lady, just do it. Thank you !! - Paula
I love Melissa's highly intuitive insights and deeply appreciate her vast creativity, I find her energy highly motivational and inspirational! I LOVE HER RADIO SHOW! I want to create after I connect with her - GO GO GO. - Mary Spicer
Melissa is an all around amazing person, and I'm so glad to not only work with her, but to call her my friend. She is a valid and empathetic medium, compassionate, a wonderful listener and awesome radio show host. - Barb Mallon