Dear Melissa,

In 1993 my grandmother had a stroke and fell into a coma that she did not recover from. I flew to Ohio to join my family at her deathbed. I brought with me most of the jewelry that she had given me. It included 3 rings, a necklace and a pair of earrings. I wore them during the week I was there, during which, she died at her home, with all of us family surrounding her, talking to her and holding her hands. Upon my return home, as I unpacked, I found that my jewelry was gone. I do not remember taking it off in Ohio, or packing it for the flight home. It was just gone. All the jewelry that I’d brought with me wasn’t gone, just the finer items that Grandma Blanche had given me. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY JEWELRY? It has been the big, heart-wrenching mystery of my life for the past 20 years. Please can you enlighten me on this matter?

Thank you and bless you,


WOW! When I read this I had a lot of strong emotions. First, I felt how amazing it was that you were all able to be there with your grandmother. The love that I felt around the whole family being together was magical and the support amazing. She acknowledges that she had so much fear in her passing but that the united front that the family had formed helped her let go and cross over. She wants to really acknowledge that and say thank you!

As far as the jewelry, I can feel the energy of it on your body during that time. I also feel that there was a female there at that time that feels younger and not on a great path at the time. I get that she has addiction problems. I also feel that there was a lot of jealous energy around her as well. I hear the name ‘Marie’ as I am typing this message. The day before you left I feel that the jewelry did come off. I know that you said that you do not remember taking it off, but  I felt that you did. I felt that it was off over night. Now I also keep hearing a Thursday night around this as well. I feel that this women/girl took the jewelry. I feel that she took it for the money that she could receive for it. I also see that it was all in a spot on a little dark brown table/nightstand.

I know that you said you do not remember taking it off but I really feel that the energy at that time was intense and that it was such a powerful experience with the family. I see you taking it off because your skin felt irritated and I feel like it was due to the energy.

I know this is a lot of information, but let it sink in and see how it feels. Another thing you might want to try and do is before you go to bed, write down on a piece of paper “What happened to the jewelry?”.  Allow yourself to experience and remember in your open dream state! I hope this helps. I do feel that unfortunately the jewelry was taken to a pawn shop.
The final message that I feel from your grandma is, “It is OK that it is gone. You have a special part of me in your soul and spirit! You have something that nobody could ever take. I ask you to remember the time that was spent between you and I, like when you were a little girl playing dress up and putting lipstick on. Those are the memories we will always have!”



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