The Purpose of My Pets

Dear Melissa,

As far as my pets are concerned…I have one dog and one cat… the dog came first about 11 years ago and his name is Mickey from a shelter..and the cat came second about 3 years ago and her name is Delilah and she was part of a litter that had to be nursed by hand as her mother was put to sleep. We immediately bonded with her and she was supposed to be my son’s pet, but he went to college and she became my best buddy. I am wondering about both of them and why they are here in my life as I know they come for a purpose….

Thank You,


Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for the great question! One of my greatest passions in life is animals. They are so special to us and serve such great purpose to us throughout our lives. As I reflect on each of my own pets throughout my life, I can clearly see how each one helped me through hard times, happy times, or even reasons I can’t explain but they were there for me, helping, healing, guiding.

So, lets take a look at Mickey. I feel that Mickey came from a hard life, like he was rejected a lot and adopted out to a couple of different family’s only to be taken back. Why I am bringing this up is because I feel like when he came to you that you could bond with him and find an understanding of where he had been in his short life. I feel like throughout your life and his life you have had very similar backgrounds and you have been brought together to experience love abundance in your lives. He has loved you and you have loved him unconditionally. You have showed Mickey that he can be loved, and he has and is showing you that you can be loved unconditionally! So to sum up you and Micky, I feel it is to heal the past abandonment stuff you have both had.

Next, Delilah. As far as her I feel too that she has come into your life for a similar reason as Mickey. You were able to nurture her and become her “mother”. You were able to give her emotional love. I feel that by you giving her the emotional love that she needed you were also healing a part of your life from your past where you were not emotionally loved.

So to sum it up, I feel that both of your pets came into your life at the perfect time that you were ready to heal two aspects of your life: abandonment and emotional neglect. As you continue to heal with them you have been able to make huge leaps and bounds in your personal life. They both say they are so happy to have this opportunity to be with you and THANK you!

In Mind,


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