Soon to be student in Colorado!

Dear Melissa,

I am very excited to be moving to a new city this August to attend graduate school!  However, I’m a bit nervous in that I’m having to uproot my entire life to do so (quite my job, move, etc.)  I have decided, too, that I am going to look for a place to rent with a roommate, but am worried I won’t find the right place or the right roommate!  I’m pretty spiritual, and have two pets (my dog, Beau, and my cat, Aria)–and need a place that is affordable and a roommate who is on a similar path as me (oh, and likes animals!).  My question for you is, how and when will I find the right place?  And, how will I know where to look and if it’s a good match? Thank you!

Soon to be student in Colorado

Dear Soon to be student in Colorado,
How exciting!!!! I will start by saying that even though moves are exciting, they can also be extremely scary especially when you are moving to a new town. Part of your anxiety about finding the perfect place is coming this natural fear. It is really important that you breath and make sure you take time out each day to ground yourself, whether that is going for a walk, reading a book or doing something for you. The reason I bring this up is because you can get lost in the process and so make decisions out of emotion and fear rather than truth.
I feel as though you still have time to sort things out before you go, so you can BREATHE! I get that you do need to start the process now, start looking in different areas and housing situations. I get that if you start looking at places for rent through Craigslist, apartment finders and so on, it will start to shift that energy in the right direction. It will allow you to say “I affirm this move!” and that affirmation will begin to draw the right place to you. Write down positive affirmations and place them in your home or wherever you are so you see them. Call all the places in your budget and have a checklist of your questions so you can interview the people you contact. START NOW!!
I have given you a lot of ideas to help shift the fear energy and I feel that you will find a place and secure it before you move. You will be able to see it on one of your trips there. You will know it is right because you will see it, before. LOL. Also, if you follow the steps above, that will answer your questions! I feel that 3 weeks before the move happens you will find it. You will also root there very nicely with a great new support group and lots of new experiences. I really feel that this will be a LIFE CHANGING MOVE!

 In Mind,
Melissa Frei

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