I offer a variety of services and I am sure you will find one that meets your needs! Listed below is a short description of what I do. Please email me with any questions!

Psychic Intuitive Readings

I connect with your guides and receive clear messages of your current situations or blocks that you may have in life. If you have a question about love, finances, career, money or anything you need clarity on than this is for you!

“Wow!! I’m a skeptic by nature, but Melissa has been really good and accurate in describing the present events and possible future outcomes! GREAT reading! time will tell if the predictions become true but she was amazing in describing present events and people. She was sooo nice and has so much patience and care. AWESOME!!” Abby CA

Mediumship Readings

I will make a connection with your loved ones or pets on the other side. I will speak with them and you will experience the reading like a 3 way conversation. I am a evidential medium, which means that I provide facts about your loved one so you know you are connected to the right person. I receive the messages through ALL the psychic senses. When you set up your reading please make sure you allow at least a minimum of 30 minutes. (Special Rates Apply on 12Listen)

“OK, I am a skeptic! I took my mom to see Melissa to give her a Mediumship Reading and I really thought it was a scam. As I sat there listening to her she was not able to make a connection for my mom and I knew I was right, until she looked at me and said I have a man here he committed suicide, she went into great detail. IT WAS MY EX-HUSBAND! She then stated he wanted me to know that “Frank” was good! That is my CURRENT BOYFRIEND! OK i went in not a believer and I left 100% in belief of Melissa’s ability’s as well as the after life. Thank you!” P, New Mexico

Pet Readings

Do you have a pet that is trying to tell you something and you just don’t know what it is? Or they are having a behavioral problem? This is a great reading, what I do is talk to your pet and ask them what is going on. Trust me when I tell you that animals are easier to talk to then humans sometimes! LOL All I need is your pet’s name and we can find out what is wrong!

“Melissa helped me with a lost dog last night. While the info she gave me did not make sense at the time – she was 100% accurate! Unbeknownst to me, my husband had found the dog “to the right of my house” (as Melissa said) with “other dogs, brown or brown and white”. Sure enough, my husband had taken our brown dog and one of the white ones with him! She had said she thought Shadow was just having fun and in no danger or hurt. Right again :) Thank you Melissa for making a stressful time a little less painful.” Candi

Card Readings

Sometimes it is nice to flip some cards whether they are Angel Cards or Tarot cards it is up to you. Just make sure you ask for a card reading. I will allow your energy to choose the best cards for you!

Missing People

I do work on Missing Persons Cases. I do not charge for this type of work however I do have strict guidelines.

Anything Else? Well whatever it is that you are looking for I can help. If I truly feel I cannot help you I am blessed to know a lot of amazing and gifted people who I can refer you to. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

The Shadow Report

What is Shadow Work? Shadow Work is a process that brings forth deep psycho-emotional healing. It is said to help one evolve by cultivating an awareness of one’s mental, physical and spiritual state. Sometimes the things we face throughout life cause us to have many difficult experiences. As we have challenging or difficult situations occur in our lives, we start to develop skills to protect ourselves. Oftentimes the skills we develop hinder our growth and affect our ability to handle other situations that we encounter later in life.

During the process of Shadow Work we will pick one area in your life to work on that you feel you are struggling with, such as maintaining committed relationships. Through Shadow Work we will address: the root of the issue, how you perceive others based on the root, how others perceive you and then find a healing solution to move through this process. You have to be ready to face your past and move forward fearlessly!

With this report you will have all the tools necessary to move forward in life and bridge the gap between your unconscious and conscious self. This is a journey of spiritual growth. After you receive your report I will also be available to talk with you during the Shadow Work process for up to 30 days on 12Listen. Thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you.

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Book a Reading

I do all phone, instant chat, and email readings exclusively through Rates listed below:

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In-Person Readings

Iam back in action here in New Mexico! If you would like to book a session please email me

Don’t forget you can submit a “Dear Melissa” question as well! Thank you again for taking the time to look at my services! Please let me know if you have any questions!