Looking For My Spirit

Dear Melissa,

I tried to blind myself of my abilities many years ago. It worked well, though not completely blocking everything out. I decided about a year ago to accept and embrace my abilities. Once I did, I felt a happiness, a knowing that this is what’s been missing from my life. But, I still have a block and I can’t figure out what it is. I’m feeling an ache, as though something is within reach but I’m not able to touch it. Any advice or sense of the direction I need to take or what the block is?

Thank you so much.
Looking for my spirit

Dear looking for my spirit,

Thank you for sharing your story! I can relate to it so much as it hits a familiar cord in my soul. I remember being a little girl and having experiences. I shut them off as a child because I did not have anyone to help me understand. With situations like this, as time goes on you feel different from others and try to fit in any way you can. It is almost like you conform who to what others want you to be.

I feel for you that you worked so hard to be something that never fit for you. There were times when you turned off your gifts and you had to do things that might not have been in true alignment with who you are. It put you in situations that were dangerous for you. As you slowly started to see the light and realize that this was not who you truly were, your spirit slowly started to awaken.

You have done a great job in turning your gifts back on and it is such a blessing to feel as though you are finally living your true hearts desire. Tuning into your energy, it is such a gift to see what an amazing transformation you have made in your life!

Tuning into your life to see what the block might be, I feel that you have some areas in your life that feel like you still have not forgiven yourself and others. There is some healing that needs to be done. Now I know you have done a lot of work, but there is still some areas, like with your parents. The block is that you are not allowing yourself or giving yourself full permission to be in your power and allow yourself to be true to you!

You are well on your way so please do not get discouraged. I feel that you are breaking down this block and what I want you to do is reflect back to different situations in your life that you felt less than or when you felt that you could not be in your power. Start from the beginning until now. As you look at the different situations that come up, what you want to do is consider what you could have done to be empowered or to have had a different experience. Doing this allows for subtle energy shifts that actually heal the situation in your own personal vibration. This will take time but as you do this work you will break the block and be complete in your gifts! Stay strong!
xo M


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