Jack’s Mom

Dear Melissa,

My beloved dog, Jack, passed away three years ago. He was sixteen years old and the love of my life. I miss him every day although I know his Spirit is always with me. I dream of him often and I talk to him all the time and always when I am cooking! He used to sit in the kitchen and watch me cook and now, whenever I cook, I always end up accidentally dropping some food I know that is a ‘wink’ to him that that food is his! I keep his ashes on a shelf in my living room. I wrapped his collar around the urn. In the past few weeks I have come home twice to see his collar on the ground in front of the shelf. This is very odd since the collar is literally wrapped around the urn and cannot easily fall off. Any insight into why this is happening? I feel it is a sign from him. Am I right?

Jack’s mom

Dear Jack’s mom,
I want to start off by saying thank you for allowing me to connect with Jack, he is amazing. He is such an old soul with whole lot of spunk. You know the one thing that I have learned by communicating with animals is that they are all around us. They usually stay with us when they pass away until they make their way back into our lives. There is a special connection that we carry with our pets; they come into our lives to teach us whatever we need to learn at that time. When they pass they continue to stand by our sides. The really great thing is that you can still utilize them in that matter and make the connection.  I have found that our pets come into our lives several time throughout our current lifetime.

You feel that Jack has a message for you and you are spot on! I feel that he communicates with you all of the time and I feel that he still sits in your kitchen while you are cooking. But yes there is a bigger message. I feel that he is saying to you: I know that you have thought about getting a new pet, you think how much you miss me and then get filled with sadness and think, “I don’t want to go through that again”. “I know you are in a place of vacillating back and forth. My message to you is that I am ready to come back into your life when you are. I have been trying to let you know that I am ready. There is no pressure as you know when you need to do it; I just want you to know I am ready.”

Thank you Jack’s mom for letting me experience him, he is ready to come back into your life; however you have to feel 100% ready to have that happen again. He will not be the same temperament as your Jack was but it will be his spirit. Time will tell but just trust and know in your heart when you are ready, and when you are ready to go for walk he will be there!

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