Is Anybody Out There

Dear Melissa,
In December I lost someone that I loved very much and I miss him. I speak to him daily and I often write him letters. My question is, does he know? Can he hear me? We had a problem in our relationship before he passed and I did not get to say good-bye to him, his death was sudden and I know that he was unhappy the day he passed. I need him to forgive. Is this possible? I have found Jesus through his death however and I am studying the bible. My grief is less because of Jesus being in my life.

Thank you,
Is anybody out there?
Dear Is Anybody out there,
I want to start off by saying I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard when we lose someone that we care for. We all have our own way that we process the passing and it is hard not to start searching for answers, but please allow yourself to feel the feelings of the loss. It can be hard to do but someone once said to me “Melissa, your feelings can’t kill you, only your actions” I feel so drawn to tell you this and that it is OK to feel the feelings behind this loss and it is OK however you are grieving!
Let me address the question “Does he know and hear you?” YES! He is hearing everything you are saying to him, and what you are writing to him. He is all around you surrounding you with love and healing. A lot of times we talk and talk and so it is only common to wonder if anyone is really listening? Well, yes, and continue to talk to him and write to him. I am going to give you an exercises to do:
This is an Automatic Writing Exercise in two parts: Part 1-This is a great way to communicate with our loved ones. Start off by getting in a relaxed position and have pen and paper with you. Take some deep breaths so you can relax. Next, you will write your loved one a letter, whatever you want, whether it is something heavy on your mind, advice or even closure. After you are done writing your letter, you have a choice as to what to do next. You can immediately start the part 2 or you can walk away until you feel ready to do part 2. Part two- Sit and get in a relaxed position, take some deep breaths and call upon your loved one. You will wait until you feel their presence then when you are ready you will start to write a letter back to yourself from your loved one! This is a great exercise and the key is to practice and have FUN!
Just remember that you are not alone and your loved one is with you, so continue to remain open. The last thing that I get around this is I feel that one of your symbols from him is quarters! So just know that when you find quarters they are signs from above!
With Love,

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