Family Feud

Dear Melissa,

Why is it that the death of a parent so often triggers bitter family issues? I have seen this on several occasions. The most recent was with my aunt and uncle. When my uncle passed his son stopped communication with his mother and sister and actually took them to court over the will. Since I stay in contact with his family, he does not talk to me and will only email if he needs to know something. We used to be as close as a brother and sister. I know this is not the only family to suffer from this type of situation after a death. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you
Blessings and Love for you and your work. May your journey be as blessed as you have blessed others.
Thank You,
Family Feud
Dear Family Feud,
This is a great question. It is funny how when we are in the process of losing a loved one families come together and even unite in solidarity, however, when when the loved one actually passes it can be like someone flipped a switch and there is a WAR! 75% of the Mediumship readings I do clients share a story that is exactly like yours so I was so excited to look at this as it is so common. I decided to channel my guides and ask them to answer your question:
“This is a great lesson for you all, the human attachment to each other is amazing to watch. You love each other, hate each other, are jealous, betray, honor….you do so many things with and to each other. The hardest thing for you to do is that which you do not do often enough– unconditionally love and forgive.”

I speak of this because when we look at the son and father in question we see that they had a struggle in life together as did the mother and son. There where many hurts the son had. Now imagine all that resentment inside of you and how you might feel owed for having not been valued or loved and having endured a lot of hate. When his father died he had an array of emotions–he was happy, sad, devastated and mad. All the anger and feelings he had toward his father came to the surface. He had these same feelings toward his mother doubling the effect. Since this was an unresolved issue for him at the time of their death, and he sat with the guilt and resentment, he took the hatred and anger out on others…the family.”
“It is best to look at it like this: If you leave things in your life unresolved with others it can stay with you forever. It is best to resolve situations around you especially with family. When you experience the death of a family member every human emotion possible comes to light. Those emotions mix with unresolved relationships and you get fighting over money, property or whatever the human thinks they are “owed”.
“Through this experience, take advantage of sharing what I speak and look at your relationships in your life with family and resolve what needs to be resolved. Your spirit can never be alive until you reach a place of unconditional love and forgiveness!”
WOW, that was amazing! Thank you so much for a great question! I hope this shines a light of clarity for you!
In Mind,
Melissa Frei

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