Soon to be student in Colorado!

Dear Melissa,

I am very excited to be moving to a new city this August to attend graduate school!  However, I’m a bit nervous in that I’m having to uproot my entire life to do so (quite my job, move, etc.)  I have decided, too, that I am going to look for a place to rent with a roommate, but am worried I won’t find the right place or the right roommate!  I’m pretty spiritual, and have two pets (my dog, Beau, and my cat, Aria)–and need a place that is affordable and a roommate who is on a similar path as me (oh, and likes animals!).  My question for you is, how and when will I find the right place?  And, how will I know where to look and if it’s a good match? Thank you!

Soon to be student in Colorado

Dear Soon to be student in Colorado,
How exciting!!!! I will start by saying that even though moves are exciting, they can also be extremely scary especially when you are moving to a new town. Part of your anxiety about finding the perfect place is coming this natural fear. It is really important that you breath and make sure you take time out each day to ground yourself, whether that is going for a walk, reading a book or doing something for you. The reason I bring this up is because you can get lost in the process and so make decisions out of emotion and fear rather than truth.
I feel as though you still have time to sort things out before you go, so you can BREATHE! I get that you do need to start the process now, start looking in different areas and housing situations. I get that if you start looking at places for rent through Craigslist, apartment finders and so on, it will start to shift that energy in the right direction. It will allow you to say “I affirm this move!” and that affirmation will begin to draw the right place to you. Write down positive affirmations and place them in your home or wherever you are so you see them. Call all the places in your budget and have a checklist of your questions so you can interview the people you contact. START NOW!!
I have given you a lot of ideas to help shift the fear energy and I feel that you will find a place and secure it before you move. You will be able to see it on one of your trips there. You will know it is right because you will see it, before. LOL. Also, if you follow the steps above, that will answer your questions! I feel that 3 weeks before the move happens you will find it. You will also root there very nicely with a great new support group and lots of new experiences. I really feel that this will be a LIFE CHANGING MOVE!

 In Mind,
Melissa Frei

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The Purpose of My Pets

Dear Melissa,

As far as my pets are concerned…I have one dog and one cat… the dog came first about 11 years ago and his name is Mickey from a shelter..and the cat came second about 3 years ago and her name is Delilah and she was part of a litter that had to be nursed by hand as her mother was put to sleep. We immediately bonded with her and she was supposed to be my son’s pet, but he went to college and she became my best buddy. I am wondering about both of them and why they are here in my life as I know they come for a purpose….

Thank You,


Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for the great question! One of my greatest passions in life is animals. They are so special to us and serve such great purpose to us throughout our lives. As I reflect on each of my own pets throughout my life, I can clearly see how each one helped me through hard times, happy times, or even reasons I can’t explain but they were there for me, helping, healing, guiding.

So, lets take a look at Mickey. I feel that Mickey came from a hard life, like he was rejected a lot and adopted out to a couple of different family’s only to be taken back. Why I am bringing this up is because I feel like when he came to you that you could bond with him and find an understanding of where he had been in his short life. I feel like throughout your life and his life you have had very similar backgrounds and you have been brought together to experience love abundance in your lives. He has loved you and you have loved him unconditionally. You have showed Mickey that he can be loved, and he has and is showing you that you can be loved unconditionally! So to sum up you and Micky, I feel it is to heal the past abandonment stuff you have both had.

Next, Delilah. As far as her I feel too that she has come into your life for a similar reason as Mickey. You were able to nurture her and become her “mother”. You were able to give her emotional love. I feel that by you giving her the emotional love that she needed you were also healing a part of your life from your past where you were not emotionally loved.

So to sum it up, I feel that both of your pets came into your life at the perfect time that you were ready to heal two aspects of your life: abandonment and emotional neglect. As you continue to heal with them you have been able to make huge leaps and bounds in your personal life. They both say they are so happy to have this opportunity to be with you and THANK you!

In Mind,


In Search of a DeLorean

Dear Melissa,

For some reason I keep getting an email on my Blackberry from May 2, 2001. It’s from my ex-boyfriend and I remember receiving it back then, so it’s not like it has been floating around the web for 10 years unopened. It appears on my phone as a new email and I have received it 3 times now. Once in November, once at the beginning of February, and then again a week later. The email address it is coming from doesn’t even exist anymore. The email itself is telling me he’s going to be in Sedona, and I should come visit. I was going to visit him and then changed my mind at the last minute b/c I got back together with another boyfriend. The sender and I dated the summer of ’95 when we were both teenagers. We haven’t communicated since that round of email in 2001. This is the only old email my Blackberry receives. Can you tell me if you get any kind of information surrounding this? Is it just a glitch in the system or does it mean something?


In Search of a DeLorean

Dear In Search Of A Delorean,

OK, so first thing I have to say is WOW!!!! As I first read it I was in disbelief I had to re-read it 3 times. So I was so excited to be able to look at this for you. Being the Skeptic I am, I was first looking at the probability to what are the odds that this would happen? So as I tuned into this I saw that no, there is a message in this and I also feel that there is a specific reason why this has happened. Lets take a look at it. I feel like there is a part of you that sometimes thinks about it and wonders what would have happened if you would had gone. I also feel like there are some regrets for not going to see what could happen.

So I feel like if we look back at the times you have received the messages, let’s ask if they were times in your life that you where not living it to the fullest in the moment. I feel like the purpose of this is to be able to remind you that you need to step out there in life. Is there a situation in which you are currently playing it safe? I feel these messages are strong reminders that you need to make sure you are living your life to the fullest, not holding back and stepping out on the skinny branch!

So from this point forward live your life without regret! If you get the message again know that there is something that you need to take a look at in yourself and your life currently!

I know you are wondering if this a sign that he will come back or if he is thinking of you. Well, I do feel that he often wonders what happened to you and I also feel that he wonders what would have happened had you met. What is interesting is I do feel that you will have an opportunity to see him again. I feel it will happen in the Fall 2011.

In Mind,

Melissa Frei