Buster’s Mom

Dearest Melissa,

Thank you for this space to express my feelings. I read all these posts and could relate. I am like okkkay this is too coincidental that I could relate with you on the doggie posts and being stuck.
We had to put our beloved puppy of 16 years also back in September and still feel so sad. Buster was my first pet and he was such an awesome dog. He was like my baby, as God didn’t have children written in my books, at least not yet, perhaps soon? Only time would tell.
Buster was the kewlest loving passionate dog anyone could ever ask for. I know he is with me always and I think about him a lot. I ask him to tell me how it is up there in heaven and what he does during the days and nights and give me a sign that he is a okayyyy and still watching over us. Thank you for any healing insight.
In love and gratitude… Busters Mom


Dear Buster’s Mom,

First of all thank you for letting me connect with Buster. You’re  right, he is pretty cool!  As I started to tune into his energy, it was funny because he sat down, cocked his head to the right, his left ear perked up higher than the right and his eyes looked deeply at me and spoke a thousand words. Buster was definitely here to help. I feel like he helped people that were nervous. For example, if you had someone come over to your house that was worried, anxious or nervous, he would sit in front of them and try to energetically balance them out. He was/is truly gifted with this. It was his goal to help spread calm and peace to everyone he encountered.

This was his first time coming here as a dog. He was so excited to come into your life as you both taught each other and learned together. You both have a great past life connection and I can also say that this is not the last life that you will be connected. He is very much around you. I feel that he is also a guide for you and working with you and others to help create a balance and release anxiety.

I believe that all spirits have jobs on the other side. I feel like Buster is helping others cross over. More specifically he is helping spirits that are afraid of transitioning to the other side. He is helping them to feel safe and calm to let their spirit go. He is truly amazing and working hard still helping mankind.

The signs that he says that he shows you are moving things around or knocking then off a table. He also says that he plays your favorite song. He says he is here to support you, so please call on him whenever you need his help and support. He is doing AMAZING! He loves you!

Thank you xo M

P.S. Yes to you having a baby coming into your life!


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