Always Been Curious

Dear Melissa,

First of all, thanks!

I wonder for what reason did my Jack Russell Terrier (mix) come to me?

I met him at church – through my church’s pet ministry where they  save animals and then bring them out at the end of a service… almost 2 years  ago, when he was about 7 months old. He was named Rocky already and really is  adorable. There were a few signs that made me pay attention.

The problems are with other dogs, and his obsessive, high energy play that keeps us  from the dog parks. Even when walking (on leash) he’ll want to lurch out or bark  at some people and most dogs. I am going to address these behavior problems with  a trainer, tool, but just thought I’d share.

I’ve always been curious  about the little fella and his past, etc.

Thank you,

Always Been Curious


Dear Always Been Curious,

You know, when we come across a pet we often look at them and wonder “How did you find me?” Do they choose us or do we choose them? I find that the path of our beloved pets might be as simple as we are the the person to help them find their home, we may have had many past life connections or we just wanted a companion and found each other.

In the case of your Rocky, I feel like there iss a mix of reasons, so lets start out with your connection with him. I feel like you both needed each other at that time he came into your life and I feel that this is the first time this lifetime is the first time you have connected. Rocky had been tossed around in his short amount of time and I do not feel that he was abused, however, I do feel that he never really had any stability in his life. He needed to have a rock, a person that was patient, kind and loving to be able to work with him to be who he truly is. I also feel that he was taken from his mother and his litter mates too soon. As far as why you… well you have such a gentle soul and spirit! Plus, this is an important project for you as well. I feel that about 6 months before you found each other that you had a loss and a big transition.. it feels as though you had/have a void. So now he came into your life! He is a project for you in the sense that you can heal from that void as well as have a great pup!

Here is why he has problems: Like I said earlier, I feel like he was taken from his litter mates too soon so he never really learned how to be in a pack as well as how to interact with other dogs. In such a short amount of time being moved and taken from his mom he became extremely scared which in turn makes him a ” Fear Biter” or one who reacts aggressively out of fear. I feel the training would be great for him, but I will also give you some tool’s too!

1. Dog parks are not good for dogs! There are many reasons dog parks are not good. Mainly you are asking strange dogs to fit in a “different” pecking order each time they go to the park. Second, you are trusting that the other owners are responsible and all the dogs will get along. Imagine that you bring Rocky to the park, you are already nervous because of how he acts with others, then you have the energy of all the people there who are nervous or had a bad day and so on. So we have theses sensitive creatures all trying to “play” in all this energy, it is not good. So I say keep him out anyway!

2. His is obsessive because he needs to channel that energy! First I would say that he needs to go on at least 2 LONG walks a day. He is bored and anxious so it comes out as obsessive. He needs to be “working”. He needs to feel like he has a part to play in life! You can play games with him like hiding hot dogs pieces throughout the house and let him find them.

3. Work with him on the leach. Keep cut up tiny hot dog pieces with you and have him sit when other dogs come up with people. When he sits give him the hot dogs.

This will all take time, so you need to be the pack leader to help guide him. I really feel that this is the time for you to also heal yourself! You will be able to heal that part of you that went missing. You both are on an amazing path together! It will take time as well as trust. He chose you because he knows that you are his pack leader and you are the one who will help him be able to live a strong and healthy life!

I want to also tell you to not don’t get discouraged as it is important for you to stay strong and trust that he has an amazing purpose in your life! He will also have a strong and lovely impact on others. I feel like he will become your side kick! He needs to have trust and know that you are committed to him and that is why I say do not get discouraged because he can feel that! You are both on an amazing path so stay strong!!!!

In Mind,



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