In a Beautiful Urn, she rests...

In a Beautiful Urn, she rests… 
Dear Melissa! I have a question. When a loved ones passes and they are cremated, is it a coincidence which family member’s house the remains end up staying at. So I, out of our family just ended up with my loved ones ashes in a beautiful urn that was created for her out of porcelain and hand painted, but I am curious if there is a particular reason if she/my family member that passed chose to be here at my home in her urn? 

Thank you,
In a Beautiful Urn, she rests….
Dear In a Beautiful Urn, she rests…..
WOW, what an amazing question! Before we get started I have to tell you that I took a look at the amount of energy that is around you and it is absolutely beautiful. This is the first time that I have ever been asked this question, so I sat with it and meditated on it for 6 days. I know it sounds like a lot but what I wanted to do was to go very deeply into my communication with my spiritual team on the other side to get the answers to this question!
The following information in quotation marks is channeled from my guides:

“People often wonder what happens to the spirit in the crossing over process, whether the spirit cares if they are cremated or buried. It is simply up to the humans. Once the spirit is free from the human body it no longer has attachment to the physical body, the choice to cremate or bury is up to the loved ones. It is for the human and what they need in their life for closure.”

“When a person is cremated then what happens to the remains or where they go is unusually up to the humans. Sometimes if there is someone in the family who is having a hard time or not dealing with or coping with the loss the spirit will surround them and everyone in the family might want that human to have the remains.”
“Your situation is different. There is a connection between you and the spirit that goes way back. You both are so deeply connected by the bond of the gifts you posses. You two are more similar than you may think. She is here in spirit form to help you connect. She helped the urn come to you for a reminder to you. You have great gifts inside, you have passions that you are afraid to follow and she is here to help you navigate through any fears and live your passions. You will feel her presence around you as she is now here to help guide you. The place where she rests is in your home for you to have a reminder!”
I hope this helps. You have a great gift and from what I experienced during my channeling session, your life is just beginning! You can call upon her to help you in your life! START living your dreams! Don’t be afraid! You have support!
In Mind,

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